Geilsdorf, Paul (1890-1976) Germany

Geilsdorf, Paul (1890-1976) Germany
Paul Geilsdorf, born in Plauen / Vogtland in 1890, attended the teacher's seminar in his hometown from 1904-1910, followed by a music study at the Leipzig Conservatory from 1913-1916. He became a cantor of St. Pauli in 1917 and later St. Petri in Chemnitz. In 1935 he was appointed church music director of Ephorie Chemnitz.
In addition to his church music activities with annual performances of great works, Paul Geilsdorf acted as a conductor of the ensembles “Chemnitzer Bürgergesangsverein” and “Geilsdorfscher Frauenchor” (“Geilsdorf’s Female Choir”), as a leader of the association “Erzgebirgischer Sängerbund” from 1918 to 1945, and later also of the association “Sächsischer Sängerbund”.
He composed the oratorio "Der verlohrene Sohn " (“The Lost Son”), a Psalm Mass in Seven Movements, the suite " Lob der Stände " for male choir and orchestra, the suite " Gute Wanderschaft " (“Good Peregrination”) in Five Movements for Choir and Instruments and a lot of sacred and secular choral pieces.
After his retirement in 1965, he worked as an acting church music director for the Ephorie Stollberg until 1972. Paul Geilsdorf died in Karl-Marx-Stadt in 1976.
Nun singet und seid froh
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Geilsdorf, Paul (1890-1976) Germany
Geilsdorf, Paul
(1890-1976) Germany
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